Self-lubricating Bearing

SPB Cylindrical bushes#500SP Ø6~200mm
SPF Flanged bushes#500SP Ø6~160mm
SPW Thrust washers#500SP Ø6.2~45.2mm
SFP Sliding plates#500SP 18~75×75~500mm
FWP Sliding plates#500F 28~150×75~250mm
80B Cylindrical bushesØ2~50mm
80F Flanged bushesØ2~50mm
70B Cylindrical bushesDRYMET ST Ø5~160mm
70W Thrust washersDRYMET ST Ø8~65mm
30B Cylindrical bushes#300 Ø10~100mm
30M Sliding CylindricalØ15~100mm
CWP Sliding plates#2000 28~150×75~250mm
CPX Sliding plates#2000 28~150×75~250mm
LFB Cylindrical bushesDRYMET LF Ø3~160mm
LFF Flanged bushesDRYMET LF Ø3~60mm
LFW Thrust washersDRYMET LF Ø8~52mm
LFP Sliding platesDRYMET LF 80~100×500mm


Self-lubricating bearings are comprised of a variety of polymers that utilize internal lubrication or inherent polymer properties to enhance wear life without the need for grease. for systems or components that do not fit the definition of the lubrication being an integral element of the bearing material.