本公司世鑫軸承國際有限公司在傳動元件事業銷售至今20餘年,目前主要銷售產品有 (1)STAF線性滑軌 (2)滾珠導螺桿 (3)直線軸承 (4)SUJ-2與S45C精密軸心 (5)螺桿支撐座...等產品,由於品質優良、信譽良好並以「創新卓越、永續經營」為發展目標,更在品質穩定為首要前提之下,所提供國內市場優良產品為首要。自公司成立以來,一直以「誠信/品質服務」為經營理念。造就了產品知名度與企業形象,並秉持服務客戶為宗旨,將是我們努力不懈及經營的原動力。
Our company strongly believes that "every challenge is a rare opportunity" in the pursuit of sustainable business operation and growth. With our years of professional experience in the industry, we provide high quality products, prompt delivery and reasonable prices to serve customers all over the world. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuous support over the years.